Celestials Synthetic Angel Graphic Novel

Celestials Synthetic Angel Graphic Novel

Take a couple of moments to check out what the talented folks at Antiquity Films are up to. Their new project is definitely worth a look! "CELESTIALS is a sci-fi/action story about how inhabitants in paradise & the inferno manipulate life."

Story Summary

  • In a distant star system the soldier known as Lazerith tenaciously maintains peace and security on his home world of Darason.  He is a Lancer Lieutenant commanding a special recon Lancer Squad.  Strife rages throughout the Inner Sphere Protectorate demanding a hard life for the Lancers. 
  • Will Lazerith succeed in his endeavor being a loving husband and father as he struggles against an expanding threat bigger then he could ever imagine? Will he give everything in the service of his family, people and even the celestial creator herself?


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