AT an early age, Beau Yotty dedicated himself to his internal passions for acting and writing. He wrote a series of short stories pertaining to a wide range of plots; from heroes fighting for their lives in the jungle, archaeologists discovering new tombs, to ill-tempered critters causing havoc.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, 30 miles outside of Seattle, Washington, Beau watched his larger than life heroes; Stallone, Eastwood, Schwarzenegger and the action stars of the day.

While spending his childhood on the baseball diamond or on the football field, Beau was also preparing himself to one day be up there on the Big Screen. Athletics and fitness, in the back of Beau’s mind, would prepare him physically for future roles in film. While continuing to play football and baseball in college, Beau studied acting at Northwest Studios and Whitworth College.

Beau has written several screenplays including Desperation, Consider Us Even, Loaded Monday, The Revenge of Grant Lee. Mr. Yotty has starred in Horror films such as Dark Worlds: Slasher, Consider Us Even, Hell Glades, Island of the Cannibal Death Gods and Bikini Swamp Massacre to name a few. Beau had the opportunity to work with Horror/Cult film iconic director William “Wild Bill Grefe’ in Consider Us Even. The film caught a lot of attention from cult film critics, overwhelming positive. Including “House of Santeria”.

Beau has appeared in Film and Television shows including; Burn Notice on the USA Network, The Glades on A&E, Pretty Smart on MTV, as well as Showtime’s Dexter as Dexter Morgan’s double in Miami, FL. Beau is in-development of two other feature films at this time.

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