12th Man

The NFL Season can not get here fast enough for a lot of us football fans. Although loved ones may beg to differ with that logic with games now on Thursday, Sunday and Monday... College on Saturday... In essence, football will once again be part of our lives. The greatest quarterback the gridiron has ever seen, John Elway, was my idol growing up. I watched every play, was transfixed on his throwing motion, decision making, scrambling, conversations with teammates; and more importantly his drive and determination to never give up. Mile High Magic riding high in Denver runs through my veins.

In a way, Elway's play on the field molded me as a person. I hold firm to the belief system, Never Give Up, Nothing Is Over, Persevere, Keep Your Head Up and you can accomplish your dreams.

Thank you John Elway for the character traits. With that said, my heart is and always will be with the home team.

The Seattle Seahawks. I am a proud member of the 12th Man! #GOHAWKS